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10 Blood Angels Tactical Space Marines


The battle-brothers of the Blood Angels Tactical Squads are amongst the most flexible warriors of the Chapter. Exceptionally flexible and in a position to fulfill any battlefield role, Tactical Squads carry a vast variety of gear and are equally well equipped to offence or defence.

There are 10 unique boltguns blanketed in Blood Angels iconography, a flamer, a meltagun, a plasma gun, and a grav gun. One battle-brother can be armed with a heavy bolter or heavy flamer, each of which comes with a corresponding backpack attachment. The Sergeant can be armed with a mixture of inferno pistol, hand flamer, storm bolter, grav pistol, bolt pistol, plasma pistol, power fist, power sword, or chainsword. You can additionally make one of the following combi-bolters: combi-flamer, combi-plasma, combi-melta or combi-grav.



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