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1 Khagra the Usurper

1 Zarshia Bittersoul

1 Razek Godblessed

1 Dour Cragan

4 Fighter Cards

62 kort, fordelt mellem Objective, Upgrade og Ploy kort, hvoraf 30 er Universal kort


Khagra the Usurper and her band of Slaves to Darkness see Direchasm as the place of the culmination of their private route to glory; a ultimate proving ground where they will earn the attention of the Dark Gods. They mean to turn the mountain to the service of Chaos through desecrating its every chamber via dark sorcery and brutal sacrifice. It was once Khagra’s sister Zarshia who led the warband into Beastgrave, however they quickly became trapped in a gnashing chamber. Khagra wedged her shield between the cavern floor and the encroaching ceiling before carving a way out of the rocky gullet, and since then, the brutal warriors Cragan and Razek have turned to Khagra for direction. Zarshia has not deserted her personal ambitions, however, and is poised to overturn her upstart sibling when the chance arises.