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1 Mega-Gargant, der kan samles som en af 3 varianter: Kraken-Eater, Gatebreaker eller Warstomper


Kraken-eaters are grabbing, greedy coastal raiders that are fiercely territorial. Unfortunately, they think about everything they can see to be their territory. They will battle with outraged indignation to take the spoils of battle for their hoards.
Cowled and sinister, the Gatebreaker is a wrecking ball of a gargant that takes merciless pleasure in smashing down the fortresses and cities of the civilised races before throwing the rubble at any survivors. To him, each and every building is a target for his spiteful wrath.
The veteran warmongers of the gargant race seek out the thrill and clangour of conflict anywhere they can locate it. They love smashing battlelines into disarray, and as soon as they are in the thick of the fight, their rampage is all but impossible to stop.