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5 Paladins, der kan samles som følgende undervarianter: Retributors, Decimators eller Protectors


The shimmering, golden wrath of the heavens made flesh, the Retributors live up to their name, dealing cruel justice to the sworn enemies of order in blinding flashes of celestial anger. Their weapons are cast from the purest ensorcelled sigmarite - the Retributors call upon the energy of the storm to unleash stunning bursts of sky magic that turn their foes to clouds of ash in an instant.
The enemy is innumerable, their massed hordes fill the world from horizon to horizon. Such a sight could spoil the courage of most warriors, however the Decimators are not like most warriors. Wielding their mighty Thunderaxes, they wade into the fray with fearless intent, casting down endless foes with every grim swing. Soon, the bodies of their foes will outnumber the ones left alive, and nevertheless the Decimators will battle on.
Moving with great pace and purpose, a front line of Protectors is a remarkable sight that strikes concern into the heart of the followers of Chaos. Able to weave their Stormstrike Glaives in complex patterns that create unusual shields of celestial energy, the Protectors cast the incoming projectiles apart in a show of their inexorable advance. Once they draw close to the enemy, the Protectors use their dextrous skills to carve, slice and annihilate!

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