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3 Questoris Knights med følgende våbenmuligheder:

  • 1x rapid fire battlecannon with heavy stubber
  • 1x thermal cannon
  • 1x avenger gatling cannon
  • 3x left-handed thunderstrike gauntlet
  • 3x right-handed thunderstrike gauntlet
  • 3x rocket pod
  • 3x reaper chainsword
  • 3x heavy stubber
  • 3x meltagun


Knights are the agile combat machines of the Knightly houses, every one commanded by a single expert scion. When the Titan Legions mass for war, they call upon their allied Knightly Houses to support them, the Questoris Support Banners performing as scouts and skirmishers for their huge kin. Bristling with fearsome weapons and protected by shimmering shields, Imperial Knights are amongst the most terrifying military assets in the galaxy. 

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