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Rainbow Knights

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Shine your colorful and bright
Rainbow Light on all!

Race through the sky, but don’t
Crash and fall!

Race through the sky and soar ever on in Rainbow Knights! As one of six colorful knights, you’ll sail through the clouds quickly moving around and past other knights to complete your beautiful rainbow trail before anyone else. Be careful, though! If you run into a rainbow trail, your knight will crash and fall, and you won’t be able to complete your race through the sky. Featuring six knights with their own colorful rainbow trails and some airy obstacles to send you sailing around the sky. Rainbow Knights is a quick family game for children and adults alike that will have everyone soaring with smiles!


•Full-color Rulebook
•110 Illustrated Plastic Cards


•2 - 6 players
•1 - 5 minute game time.
•Ages 8+
•Colorful cartoon theme.
•Speed and dexterity based gameplay.
•Promotes quick decision making, pattern recognition, and spatial thinking.