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Set Miniature 2 Kolinsky + Synthetic

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The second edition of the miniature set is designed especially for creating bench-top models and military-historical miniatures. It is perfect for both making the machinery models and painting the figures of all sizes. Kolinsky hair features with flexibility and spring, which lets you control the brush, provides smooth sliding and long-term preservation of working properties. As well as synthetic hair has a great endurance capability when working on rough surfaces.

The set includes:

К2 №2 – flat kolinsky brush is suitable for application of base layers of paint, shading of oil paints (including the technique of oil points), for dry brush technique on small areas.

K1 №0 – round kolinsky brush is ideal for fine detailed painting, for lining and highlights, also for creating pictures of small size.

K1 №1,5 - round kolinsky brush is made for applying several layers, it absorbs enough water for comfortable work and has an extremely sharp point, which helps to paint fine details and create realistic figures.

С2 №4 – flat brush from yellow synthetics allows you to work in dry brush technique on large surfaces and create realistic texture.