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Shadowrun Core Rulebook (Master Index Edition)

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The Shadowrun Core Rulebook, Fifth Edition is the newest version of one of the most popular and successful role-playing worlds of all time, a fusion of man, magic, and machine in a dystopian near-future. With rules for character creation, magic, combat, Matrix hacking, rigging, and more, you have everything you need to face the challenges of the Sixth World.

You are a shadowrunner, thriving in the margins, doing the jobs no one else can. You’ve no office, no permanent home, no background to check. You are whatever you make yourself. Will you seek justice? Sow seeds of chaos? Sell out to the highest bidder? It’s up to you, but this much is certain: If you do nothing, the streets will eat you alive.

You can survive, even flourish, as long as you do what it takes. Sacrifice part of your soul for bleeding-edge gear. Push the limits of your will learning new and dangerous magic. Wire yourself into the Matrix, making your mind one with screaming streams of data. It’ll cost you something—everything does—but you can make it worth the price.

The Master Index Edition of the Shadowrun Core Rulebook is the 5th Edition rulebook with an expanded index. This index includes references to the six core Shadowrun supplements as well as this huge rulebook itself; no there’s no need to guess which book something is in before going to look it up.