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1 Aeronautica Imperialis regelbog

2 Valkyrie Assault Carriers / Vendetta Assault Carriers

3 Lightning Fighters / Lightning Strike FIghters

3 Barracudas, der kan samles som følgende varianter: AX-5-2, AX-5-3 eller AX-5-4

2 Tiger Sharks

Double-sided Area of Engagement game board

70 tokens

8 terninger


The mining world of Taros is embroiled in a bitter, grinding conflict between the forces of the opportunistic T’au Empire and the jealous and vengeful Imperium of Man. While armies march across the ground of the embattled planet below, the skies are filled with planes locked in the dance of lethal dog fights. Will the T’au Air Caste declare air superiority, or will the dogged protection of the Imperial Navy prevail?