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5 Space Marine Sternguard Veterans


Sternguard Veterans are drawn from a Chapter’s prestigious 1st Company. Deploying where the war is fiercest, they specifically excel in the use of ranged weaponry.

The 5 man Sternguard Veteran Squad comes with a huge quantity of variety and options, presenting every chance to create a special squad, befitting their position as some of the Space Marines greatest heroes.

When it comes to choosing the weapons your options are many and varied. There are 6 individual boltguns; two unique storm bolters; the choice to include a heavy flamer or a heavy bolter; a flamer; a meltagun; a plasma gun; a power fist; 8 combi-bolters (2 each of melta, flamer, plasma, or grav); a grav pistol; a plasma pistol; and finally, a trusty bolt pistol.