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1 Pit Champion

1 Frenzied Rager

1 Headclaimer

1 Bestigor Destroyer

1 Pit Fighter with Net

2 Pit Veterans with Shields

1 Pit Veteran der kan samles enten med Shield eller Dual Weapons

1 Pit Fighter der kan samles med enten Punch Dagger eller Spear

Fighter & Ability kort


Even the blood and thunder of the arena ceases to preserve any attraction for the Spire Tyrants. Instead, they are seeking greater tests, venturing out into the deadly wilds of the Eightpoints. There they search for worthy foes and challenges, hoping to earn sufficient infamy to obtain the favour of the Everchosen. These champions keep the names and epithets they earned in the arena. They additionally preserve the conceitedness and showmanship that defines the best gladiators, favouring bloody eviscerations and decapitations over a simpler, more efficient kill. The sight of such a grotesque demise can steal the nerve from even a veteran fighter. 

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