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A Slight Modification + Flex Pack

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Includes Law Dogs Flex Pack

This deck focuses on the Law Dogs faction. The Weird West isn’t a safe place. If the outlaws don’t get you, then one of the many unspeakable horrors that prowl the night probably will. The lives of those sworn to uphold the law and defend the peace aren’t easy, that’s for sure. The Law Dogs faction is home to the sheriffs, deputies, and various townsfolk who support them in their duties. When a simple bullet isn’t enough to deal with a problem, the Law Dogs also have support from mad scientists, seen in outfits like this deck’s Fort 51.

One of the main Law Dogs themes is interacting with bounties on wanted dudes. Hattie DeLorre can impose penalties on the wanted dudes themselves, while “Thunder Boy” Nabbe becomes more powerful when opposing wanted dudes. The Law Dogs’ mad scientists are few in number, so dudes such as Janosz Pratt are best used in a support role creating and weapon gadgets to give to your other dudes. Although they’re not in this deck, the Law Dogs also feature a number of blessed dudes that can call holy powers to your side.

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