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3 Akhelian Guard, der kan samles som enten Ishlaen eller Morrsarr Guard


No troops exemplify the Idoneth Deepkin way of existence more than the Akhelian Guard. Mounted atop Fangmora Eels, they fight in a free formation perfect for fast assaults and unexpected retreats, typifying the hit-and-run fashion of combat frequent amongst the aelves of the depths. Ishlaen Guard wield helsabres, and harness the bioelectricity of the Fangmoras into their galv-shields to turn aside enemy blows with their arcing electricity fields. Thus the Ishlaen are better able to shrug off missile fire, and have far greater staying power in extended battles than their spear-armed kin, their Fangmora Eels lashing out with their tails and ripping apart the foe with their cruel bites.
Morrsarr Guard are armed with volt-spears and galv-shields, channeling the effective electrical energies of their Fangmora mounts into the tips of their spears, releasing the charge as a deadly short-range bolt. Some legends inform of Morrsarr Guard formations so massive that the brightness of their blended biovoltaic blasts left the whole enemy army blinded and reeling.

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