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1 Archaeopter, der kan bygges som en Archaeopter Fusilave, Archaeopter Transvector eller Archaeopter Stratoraptor.


A workhorse not solely of the poisonous Martian skies, but of far-off worlds at the forefront of the Tech-Priests' expansion for millennia, the Archaeopter is an agile fixed-wing aircraft. Piloted by a member of the Pteraxii caste, whose legs and scapuli superior are hardwired into its controls, the nano-carbon fibre-weave of the Archaeopter's wings is capable of morphing – a property it shares with the Pteraxii flight packs. This affords excellent manoeuvrability and allows it to function within altering pressures as it swoops overhead to drop payloads of ground-penetrating, tectomagnic bombs, designed to cause seismic shock waves amongst the enemy ranks. 

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