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1 Auric Runemaster


Vital to the operation of a lodge, Auric Runemasters serve a variety of purposes. As high clergymen of the forge-temple, they craft the ur-gold runes that are hammered into the flesh of the Fyreslayers, giving them the strength of Grimnir. Auric Runemasters are attuned to this energy like no other, and can feel shards of ur-gold with an unmatched keenness - legends inform of Runemasters who could feel ur-gold placed in different realms! Of course, their skills extend far further than this feeling - like all Fyreslayers, they have a prodigious talent and appetite for battle, commanding flames with their forge-temple’s brazier; as they slam this brazier down upon the ground, the very battlefield itself cracks and splits, bathing the foe in hot magma. 

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