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1 Tauralon, der kan samles med 1 af følgende ryttere: Aventis Firestrike, Magister of Hammerhal, eller en Lord-Arcanum, der alternativt kan samles til fods


Those given the rank of Lord-Arcanum by Sigmar earned it by means of wielding eldritch energies in the name of freedom. There are those whose mastery of the heavenly realmsphere is such that they can astrally venture into the aether, that non-space that lies between the realms, there to make lasting bonds with Tauralons, capricious aether-beasts with a nimbleness that belies their remarkable size. Capable of delivering a meteoric ram from their curled horns that can fell a fortress wall, Tauralons rather prefer to drift over their foe, shelling out a path of astral light which, upon settling on the enemy below, guides the missiles of the Sacrosanct Chambers with unerring accuracy. Only then do they understand that the Tauralon rider who peacefully passed over was in reality the harbinger of their doom. 

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