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Bad Company + Flex Pack

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Includes Outlaws Flex Pack

This deck focuses on the Outlaws faction. Doomtown isn’t all black and white; evil comes in various shades of grey, the muddiest of which are the Outlaws. They embody those in the West who live beyond the law and steal for a living, but without the moral scruples of the Anarchists. Their dudes tend to be cheap with low or no influence, but high bullets. Sloane herself (of the faction’s Sloane Gang) is the biggest base shooter of any dude in the game. Outlaws are one of the most aggressive factions in the game, so if you want to run into town square and shoot a man just to watch him die, then this is your faction.

Almost every Outlaw deck involves gaining bounty on your own dudes in some way or another. What’s the point of being bad if you’re not getting the local sheriff’s dander up? This deck’s Desolation Row outfit raises a dude’s bounty in exchange for money, while also gaining all-important control points. The deck also benefits from wanted status via card effects such as extra ghost rock from Milt Clemons, and extra bullets on Marion Seville and Miranda Clarke. The biggest advantage of using bounty on your dudes to get control points with Desolation Row is that you don’t have to play or control deeds to win the game.

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