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1 Bastiladon, der kan samles med enten Solar Engine eller Ark of Sotek


An huge creature covered entirely in impregnable armoured scales, the Bastiladon shrugs off all but the strongest attacks, all the while crushing enemy lines with all the unstoppable force of a landslide. Stamping down anything able to move out of range of its great maw, the Bastiladon’s size means it can be armed with some powerful weaponry. The Solar Engine radiates the awesome power of a sun, casting forth destructive beams that turn armour to molten slag and incinerate anything alive extremely fast; daemons are notably vulnerable to this Azyrite light. The Ark of Sotek spews forth an endless tangle of serpents, whose star-envenomed fangs bite deep into flesh, causing the blood within to burn with the flames of Azyr.

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