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Imperial Nobility team, bestående af 4 Retainers, 4 Bodyguards, 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 1 Ogre og Griff Oberwald

Black Orc team, bestående af 6 Goblin Bruisers, 6 Black Orcs, 1 Trained Troll og Varag Ghoul-Chewer

2 Biased Referees

Komplet hardback regelbog

Dobbeltsidet pitch og dugouts

Alle de terninger og templates du skal bruge


Hello again, sports fans! Blood Bowl – the legendary sport of fantasy football – returns for a new season of ultra-violent sports mayhem. The plays are bigger, the hits are harder, and each game will be crammed with moments to remember.
As the coach of an Imperial Nobility or Black Orcs team, it’s up to you to lead your players through every play, every game, and every season to ultimate victory.
No two matchups are the same. From the second your team stomps out on the gridiron, your grit, wits, and potential for grievous violence is put to the test. The action’s quick and furious, but if you maintain your head in the game you just might beat your opponent and score the most points – or make certain they can’t get back up to stop you. Fame, wealth, and glory await if you win…
This box is stuffed with truely everything you want to play smashing games, with two generously-appointed teams and all the extra gubbins.