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1 Boomdakka Snazzwagon


The roar of overcharged engines and the crackle of flames herald the arrival of the Boomdakka Snazzwagons. Lightly constructed speedsters built upon   looted vehicle frames, Snazzwagons are clad in swiftly welded scrap armour. Their drivers go hell for leather, as they understand that a single artillery shell is propably going to blow their ride to smithereens. Of course, the enemy has to hit them first, and as the Snazzwagons fishtail and skid madly through hails of incoming fire, it rapidly becomes obvious that this is no simple feat! Gangs of howling Burna Boyz hang on, flinging burna bottles – the ensuing inferno is as hazardous to the Orks as it is their foes, however the crew is too busy having fun to worry about paltry issues like getting cremated in a firestorm… 

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