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1 Patriarch

1 Primus

1 Magus

2 Genestealer Familiars


The Patriarch and his Broodcoven dominate the minds and hearts of the cultists in their thrall. Masters of psychic and bodily power, they muster and command the moves of the cult’s many generations to make sure their objectives are torn down in quick order. Every phrase spoken by the Magus or Primus is obeyed to the letter by their devoted congregation, for they communicate on behalf of the Star Saviour himself. This cocktail of psychic power, inspirational presence and dark charisma is a powerful stimulant to the cultists around them. Perhaps realising they would quickly be doomed should their masters leave them, the lesser warriors of the cult will battle tooth and claw to protect them – and on the day of battle, the best shape of defence is attack... 

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