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1 Carnosaur, der kan samles med enten en Saurus Oldblood eller Saurus Scar-Veteran rytter. Alternativt kan indholdet samles som en Skink Oracle on Troglodon


A mass of corded muscle and thick, scaled hide, blanketed in an intimidating latticework of scars new and ancient, the Saurus Oldbloods are mighty battle leaders of the seraphon. Striding into war with livid intent, they are as proud reptilian gods, scattering the cowering foe and rending nearly indiscriminately with tooth and claw. Such is the charisma of their command that the seraphon underneath their lead need not be informed what to do, or guess at their master's orders - their instincts react to the will of an Oldblood, and for that reason does his disciplined fury unfold throughout the battlefield as a wave of untamed savagery.
Skink Oracles, creatures with a fragment of the slann’s foresight, ride into combat astride massive beasts recognised as Troglodons. These huge reptiles scent out their prey with venom-flecked tongues, sensing and destroying with their lethal spittle, whilst their riders use their proficient skills to feel magic as others would sense a breeze upon their face. Thus blessed, they endeavour to shield their brethren from adverse sorcery.

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