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3 Crypt Flayers, der alternativt kan samles som Crypt Horrors eller Vargheists. 1 figur kan samles som den pågældende Courtier.


Haunting the night as indistinct silhouettes framed against a moonless sky, Crypt Flayers search tirelessly for enemies of their great court. Once spotted, their prey is swept upwards, sparkling fangs sunk deeply into their necks, leaving nothing behind but a drop of spilled blood. Horrifying to behold, Crypt Flayers are twisted monstrosities, mockeries of men who still consider themselves blessed, enchanted examples of strength and power, viewed with awe and adulation by their low mordant kin.
The malformed monstrosities called Crypt Horrors are, thankfully, an uncommon sight, even though in instances of open battle their shambling shapes can frequently be viewed marching alongside the armies of the Ghoul Kings.