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1 Dark Angels Upgrade sprue


Amongst the most loyal servants of the Emperor, viewed as one of the most achieved Space Marine Chapters of the Imperium, the Dark Angels are feared and revered with equal measure. However, they harbour a horrible secret, a betrayal buried by time and dust that nonetheless indelibly stained the chapter’s very soul.

Totally compatible with all current multi-part Space Marine kits, this upgrade pack includes a sprue of great components for Dark Angels fans. Nineteen components are included, offering the following:

• Ten Dark Angel Shoulder Pads
• One Dark Angel Sergeant Cowled Head
• One Dark Angel Captain Helmet
• One Dark Angel Mk 6 Helmet with Dark Angel Symbol
• One Dark Angel Chest front with Dagger and Censer
• One Dark Angel Knife & Keys
• One Dark Angel Back Icon
• One Dark Angel Tilting Plate Icon
• One Dark Angel Relic Blade
• One Dark Angel Plasma Pistol