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5 Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators, der alternativt kan samles som Deathwing Command Squad eller Deathwing Knights


The bulk of the 1st Company is composed of Terminator Squads, indefatigable warriors who blast aside their enemies with storm bolters whilst advancing into assault range

The highest-ranking individuals of the1st Company’s Inner Circle are from time to time accompanied by a Command Squad from the 1st Company. Such a hand-picked formation of the most veteran Deathwing Terminators makes a bold unit, perfect for a bodyguard or to be assigned specific duties.

Deathwing Knights are an imposing sight, for in them lives on some semblance of the Lion himself; they too embody silent power and a veiled, but palpable nobility.

This package consists of 102 components, a Space Marines Transfer Sheet, 5 40mm round bases, and one 25mm round base with which to make a Deathwing Command Squad, Deathwing Knights or 5 Deathwing Terminators.

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