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5 Doomfire Warlocks, der alternativt kan samles som 5 Dark Riders


Dark Riders are most frequently employed to range in advance of the primary warhost. In battle, they take pride in skirting the enemy flanks to assault battle machines and cut off lines of supply.

The Doomfire Warlocks are the light cavalry of the battle covens. They harass foes with blasts of arcane flame and volleys of black-fletched bolts, disturbing the enemy’s flanks and slaying unprotected targets. As the primary Khainite formations end up engaged, these swift riders will charge in, scimitars drawn, to help crush and finish off their distracted victims. Up close, Doomfire Warlocks are gaunt and pallid, their black eyes haunted and missing any emotion save spite. Emblazoned upon their brows are hateful runes that cause them exquisite pain, but are additionally essential to keeping them alive. They are, pretty literally, a cursed lot.



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