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5 Electro-Priests, der kan bygges som enten Corpuscarii eller Fulgurite Electro-Priests


Literally stuffed with the Motive Force, the Corpuscarii unfold the blessing of illumination in the name of the Machine God. Blazing with lightning, electrosurgically prepared for the inconceivable energy coursing through what was once their veins, a Corpuscarii Electro-Priest discharges incredible, sparking bursts of thrumming energy, shaking apart enemies in an ecstatic spiritual fervour.
Surrounded by a shielding veil of lightning, clutching electroleech staves, the Fulgurite Electro-Priests believe that there is no higher blasphemy than the waste of energy. Striding into combat at the height of spiritual mania, they are capable of draining the very bioelectricity from their foes, storing it in effective capacitors as the enemy drops to the ground, cold and inert as stone. This stolen power will later be used to power their holy march throughout the galaxy, everything behind them falling into everlasting darkness.