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3 Evocators on Dracolines, hvoraf 1 kan samles som en Lord-Arcanum on Dracoline


The eyes of an Evocator in full fighting rage flash with sparks, and veins of lightning glow underneath his skin – the same power that plays over his tempest blade and stormstave as he advances, arcing outward to ground nearby. These bursts are deadly, and can blacken and scorch everyone close by if not channeled cautiously and consciously – when channeled in this way, however, this power can be used to empower the Evocators’ fellow Stormcast Eternals with Azyrite energy. The most battle-hungry Evocators ride on huge creatures both saurian and feline in aspect, called Dracolines. These creatures carry a buildup of magic that can be launched in a exceptional scorching blast when pouncing upon their prey; mixed with their heart-stopping roar, this makes an Evocator and his mount capable of felling a mournfang with such pressure its fellows will flee in mortal panic. 



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