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1 Adepta Sororitas Exorcist


The Exorcist is a weapon uniquely representative of the approaches in which the Adepta Sororitas pair displays of devotion to the Emperor with the castigation of his heretical enemies. It is a rolling shrine to the elegance of the Master of Mankind, a breathtakingly ornate piece of craftsmanship that grinds into war projecting inspirational hymnals to the Emperor’s glory. These carry across the field of war and swell all proper Imperial hearts with belief and pride. When whole squadrons of these vehicles advance in armoured spearheads, their mixed symphonic emanations radically change even the most mud-and-blood-drenched area of combat into a veritable cathedrum. Beaten-down warriors experience fresh fire in their hearts as they hear the battle-canticles soar. Those outnumbered or  with concern discover fresh braveness and the energy to hold their ground and keep fighting. And then the Exorcists’ first rocket salvoes scream down into the enemy’s midst, and the whole face of the war changes. 

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