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4 Ogres, hvoraf 1 kan samles som en Runt Punter

12 Gnoblars


Ogres are natural Blood Bowl players, with a lengthy tradition of playing for different teams who can have the funds for to feed them (woe betide the coach who fails to account for their appetite). Ogre teams, however, deliver a new level of violence to the game, as their rosters feature not simply one or two of these huge brutes, but frequently 4 of them! Of course, they're additionally accompanied by a veritable swarm of Gnoblars, tiny greenskin runts who have no natural athletic ability, however sufficient cunning and wit to understand they're supposed to snatch the ball from time to time while the Ogres are busy pummeling their opponents. Once in a while, the Ogres will give the ball-holders a little kick in the direction of the End Zone, consequently scoring some points with a bit of luck. 

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