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Gaming Mat - Grass Plain 6x4

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  • 1x Grass Plain 6x4 (182x121cm)


  • We built our Kraken playmats as real panels, photographed them and digitally reworked them.
  • This gives them a much higher level of detail than any computer generated graphics
  • This technique allows the sharpest details to be displayed with minimal repetition of textures.
  • The mats are 2mm thick and have a non-slip coating on the reverse side.
  • The storage is simple, the mats can be easily rolled without taking shape
  • They roll out beautifully flat, again and again, without any Problems
  • The lotus effect protects against wetness, spilled drinks and other Spills
  • The mats are scratch resistant
  • The print quality is 720dpi
  • The dice noise is extremely muffled by the material
  • The playing cards can be comfortably removed from the playing mat
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