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1 Goliath, der kan samles som enten en Goliath Truck eller en Goliath Rockgrinder


Infinitely adaptable, hard-wearing and rugged, the Goliath Truck is a mainstay of the Genestealer Cults. Fast and manoeuvrable, it bounces across the battlefield laying down partitions of gunfire, heavy stubbers and autocannons ablaze. Once devoted to the shadows, the crew manning the Goliath – proudly emblazoned with insignia of the Cult – now do everything in their strength to get as close to the enemy, screaming hastily across even the most adverse terrain to slam open their cargo compartment and disgorge broods of up to 10 scuttling Hybrids.
Built to stand up to the pressures and challenges of underground mining, the Goliath Rockgrinder is a devastating piece of gear when turned to aggression. Surging ahead into the massed ranks of the enemy, servo-mounted weaponry searching for and destroying priority targets, the Rockgrinder drives ever-forward, its sawtoothed drilldozer ripping apart everything silly enough to stand in its path. The fourth-generation cultist standing atop the vehicle successfully makes use of its industrial gear as a weapon of battle – heavy mining lasers, seismic cannons and clearance incinerators, although designed for mining and gathering resources, are perfectly appropriate to annihilation.

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