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1 Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus


Aldrik Voldus, Warden of the Librarius, wields greater psychic powers than any Grey Knight   in centuries. The very air crackles   as he focuses his mind and bends the tremendous energies of the warp to his will. With a word, purifying flames pour forth from the head of his ornate Nemesis Daemon hammer – the Malleus Argyrum – turning Chaos-tainted flesh bone and armour into pillars of ash. Heretic combat engines halt as their twisted machine spirits are torn from their chassis. In Voldus’ grip reality constricts, and the helms of his enemies are crushed by invisible force; just as effortlessly can Voldus sharpen the minds of his fellow Grey Knights, permitting them to channel their reserves into strikes that can bring low all but the greatest of Daemons. 



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