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Harry Potter Unisex Accessories Advent Calendar 2019

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The Advent Calendar 2019 includes the following products:

Ron Chibi Button Badge

Draco Chibi Button Badge

Harry Broom Chibi Button Badge

Hermione close up Button Badge

Harry Potter logo Button Badge

Book Button Badge

Lusius Malfoy Button Badge

Golden Snitch Pin Badge

EHPPB0004 Golden Snitch Pin Badge

EHPPB0054 Deathly Hallows Pin Badge

EHPPB0011 Pin’s Quai 9 3/4

EHPPB0100 Fixed Time Turner Pin Badge

EPBC0082 Harry Potter Pin Badge

EHPPB026 Hogwarts Crest Pin Badge

EKH0054 Deathly Hallows Keyring

EKH0011 Platform 9 3/4 Keyring

EKH0006 Sorting Hat Keyring

EKH0004 Golden Snitch Keyring

EHPP0082 Harry Potter Chibi Pen

EHPP0084 Hermione Chibi Pen

EHPP0004 Golden Snitch Pen

EHPP0054 Deathly Hallows Pen

EHPBM082 Harry Potter Chibi Bookmark

EHPBM126 Plateform 9 3/4 Bookmark

EHPBM054 Deathly Hallows Bookmark