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5 Hearthguard, der kan samles som enten Auric Hearthguard eller Hearthguard Berzerkers


Elite, dependable custodians of a lodge’s magma-vault, Auric Hearthguard have the honour of defending the ur-gold earned by their brothers - and consequently guarding the spirit of Grimnir himself. They carry magmapikes; magical weapons crafted in the heart of the forge-temple, capable of spewing forth bolts of devastatingly hot liquid rock that sear flesh, melt armour and ignite the very air, such is their blazing heat. Enemies who survive this first assault discover themselves restrained and unable to move as the magma cools and solidifies - the Auric Hearthguard then close in and end the suffering with their bladed horns.
Incredibly effective elite warriors, perhaps the strongest in their lodges, the Hearthguard Berzerkers are the first to heed the call of Fyreslayers’ combat horns. Filled with fiery determination, glowing with the ur-gold runes hammered into their flesh, they are keen to unleash the full fury of the Fyreslayers onto a hapless foe. Defenders of the Runefather and his sons, these relentless warriors swing their flamestrike poleaxes in big arcs, puncturing even the strongest armour of Chaos - the connected heavy chain and flaming brazier increases the deadliness of their determined assault.

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