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1 Burning Chariot of Tzeentch, der kan bygges med enten en Herald (Fateskimmer) eller en Exalted Flamer. Den rytter der ikke bruges, kan samles og sættes på en separat base.


Trailing flames and maniacal laughter, a Herald of Tzeentch streaks through the skies bringing with it fiery doom. While the Herald conjures firestorms to engulf the foe, the living chariot it rides seeks to sear all in its path. Any who close in on the rushing chariot have to face the gnashing fangs of the Screamers bound to it, and strikes from the Herald’s staff of change.
Pulled across the skies by a pair of Screamers, a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch rides upon a wave of multicoloured flames that scorch all in their wake. The Exalted Flamer that writhes and twists upon the back of the chariot vomits sheets of billowing flames – an unnatural conflagration that even when put out will rage up once more, burning foes again and again.