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Hex Slingin' + Flex Pack

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Includes Fearmongers Pack

This deck focuses on the Fearmongers faction. The Fourth Ring outfit is a diabolical circus that has magical hexes of incredulous power, clowns with hammers and knives, and freaks of nature! Emphasis on the clowns: this circus certainly has lots of clowns

The original Fourth Ring offers a variety of deck possibilities including high value shooters, abomination attrition, movement, and board control. Whether you’re a returning Whateley fan from the Deadlands RPG or the original Doomtown CCG, a control player, or you just like to play with monsters, Fourth Ring has something to offer you.

This deck type wins by lowering your opponent’s influence using Blood Curse while controlling your opponent’s movement with Paralysis Mark and Phantasm. These hexes let you isolate your opponent’s weaker influence dudes so you can call them out without worrying about pesky studs protecting them. Trigger-happy versions of the deck often pack Unprepared and Hex Slingin’ to manipulate shootout hand ranks. Other cards frequently used in these decks are Shadow Walk (for flexible and surprise movement effects), and Soul Blast (included in the booster pack) for devastating shootout effects.

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