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Rope and Ride + Flex Pack

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Includes Entrepreneurs Pack

This deck focuses on the Entrepreneurs faction, who represent the classic cowboy can-do spirit that won the West. Their dudes tend to cost more than other factions, but compensate with higher influence and/or useful skills. They also pack mid-range bullets that can shoot out of the box. Add a few horses, guns, or gadgets, and they become dangerous indeed. This starter deck focuses on the horses theme, operating through the Morgan Regulators outfit.

The horses themselves give you strong movement effects. Mustang‘s simple effect is one of the strongest movement effects in the game, and a stud with a Pinto is a real threat to your opponent. A harrowed dude like “Dead” Billy Jones and a cavalry escort lets you absorb casualties without sacrificing a dude. Maggie Harris  fetches whatever horse you need. Need some quick cash? Send Irving Patterson along to join Maggie on her job to gain a quick 1 ghost rock.

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