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1 Illuminor Szeras


Illuminor Szeras labours to unravel the mysteries of life, for he fears that he would be a bad example of god without the mysteries of existence at his fingertips. Szeras has been on the brink of understanding for many centuries, but in some way ultimate comprehension constantly escapes him. Though this is his obsession, his aptitude for augmenting the weaponry and even the mechanical bodies of his fellow Necrons is peerless. On occasion, Szeras' skills are in such demand that he can name his own price – often a harvesting raid focused towards a world of his choosing. Above all, Szeras cherishes Aeldari subjects, as they inevitably produce more fascinating outcomes than any other of the galaxy's creatures. Once seized, his specimens can look ahead solely to a pain-filled, though not always brief, existence in the bloodstained laboratory catacombs of Zantragora.

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