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3 Kataphrons, der kan bygges som enten Breachers eller Destroyers


Much bigger and far more effective than the servitors used by the rest of the Imperium, Kataphron Breachers are not so much born as assembled. Fulfilling the function of living shield and battering ram, they are used by Tech-Priests to smash aside enemy lines and fortifications on their insatiable quest for science to assimilate. Utterly lethal at close-quarters, their heavily-armoured torsos and protected tracks carve a brutal swathe through anything in their path.
Completely severed from principles such as ethics, morality, or even thought, the Kataphron Destroyer is nothing more than a living weapon, wielded by Tech-Priests to further the data-hungry march of the Machine God’s chosen emissaries. Absolutely blanketed in exceptionally effective weaponry, the Kataphron Destroyers are the Adeptus Mechanicus’ scorched earth policy - nothing will be left of their targets but molten sludge.

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