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1 Khârn the Betrayer


Kill! Maim! Burn!
This is Khârn the Betrayer’s mantra, and it has come to be notorious throughout the Imperium as a harbinger of carnage to follow. Khârn embodies the eightfold course of Khorne; friend and foe alike are left broken, twitching and torn apart in his wake. As he sprints into battle, his bellowed battle cries boom from the vox-grill of his helm, placing terror into the hearts of even the bravest. His plasma pistol spits bolts of destruction nearly indiscriminately into his enemies as he closes in, as his screaming chainaxe Gorechild rips apart any survivors with completely inhuman speed. Even before his final victim has hit the bloodied ground, Khârn has charged off in search of more blood for the Blood God.

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