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5 Khinerai, der kan samles som enten Heartrenders eller Lifetakers


The Khinerai Heartrenders sweep out of the skies, dark streaks that slash hastily through low clouds. With streams of vapour still clinging to their bodies, the winged aelves pull up, using their forward momentum to launch cruelly barbed javelins with remarkable force. These spike-ridden spears travel with such speed that they can skewer both a mounted warrior and their steed, and still preserve enough impetus to embed themselves deep into the ground. Should a tempting enough target present itself, however, the Heartrenders will forgive their missile assault and dive straight into combat.
Tucking their wings close, the Khinerai regarded as Lifetakers plummet down at excessive speeds. At the final second they unfold their leathery pinions, snapping their descent as they swing their sickle-blades with great force. Foes that survive this devastating assault can strike back, however the Lifetakers are masters at turning their heartpiercer shields to not solely parry blows but to puncture organs. Even as close by enemies rally to pin the Lifetakers in combat, they rise above the melee in a flurry of beating wings, searching for the subsequent target. For such unfortunates, the final thing they will hear is a unexpected rush of wind before the Lifetakers’ lethal assault reaps its toll.

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