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Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats

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Part of Loke Battle Mats' Book of Battle Mats range.

Ideal Maps for Cyberpunk RED, the roleplaying game of the Dark Future from R. Talsorian Games.

Attention Adventurers! Things have just become dystopian!

The Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats is a collection of 60 battle mat pages in a large lay flat spiral bound volume, A4 in size per page.

Fully wet/dry marker compatible, these tactical maps are perfect for planning and running roleplay encounters with a consistent 5 foot to 1 inch scale, and grid throughout.

Designed to provide easy access to a variety of modern, urban, near future and post-apocalyptic environments to be used for encounters.

The spiral binding allows the book to be laid flat and for each two page spread to be used as a single mat.

All designs have a 1" grid either as an overlay or as part of the design.

Pages are laminated so can be drawn upon and wiped clean using wet or dry wipe markers or chalk pens.

Designs are arranged so that they can be used as single pages or as part of a double page spread.

List of designs by page number

1. Concrete Plaza
2. Concrete Plaza

3. Motel
4. Motel

5. Downtown Shops
6. Downtown Shops

7. Nightclub
8. Nightclub

9. Neon Streets
10. Neon Streets

11. Neon Crossing
12. Neon Crosssing

13. Car Park
14. Car Park

15. Neon Alleys
16. Neon Alleys

17. Subway Station
18. Subway Station

19. Rooftop Helipad
20. Rooftop Helipad

21. Supermarket
22. Supermarket

23. Municipal Lobby
24. Municipal Rooms

25. Corporate Office
26. Corporate Office

27. Data Centre
28. Tech Rooms

29. High Rise Hab Block
30. High Rise Hab Block

31. Corporate Lobby
32. Neon Plaza

33. Freeway
34. Freeway

35. Luxury Residence
36. Luxury Residence

37. Warehouse
38. Warehouse

39. Shipping Container Lot
40. Shipping Container Lot

41. Storm Channel Underpass
42. Storm Channel Underpass

43. Industrial
44. Industrial

45. Quarry Dirt Track
46. Quarry Dirt Track

47. Ruined Street
48. Ruined Street

49. Death Raod
50. Death Road

51. Abandoned Desert Houses
52. Abandoned Desert Houses

53. Mud and Grass
54. Mud and Grass

55. Deserted Train Yard
56. Deserted Train Yard

57. Shanty Town
58. Shanty Town

59. Blank Grid
60. Blank Grid 

Size: A4 (8.27 × 11.69 inches)

Pages: 300gsm gloss laminated

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