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5 Melusai, der kan samles som enten Blood Sisters eller Blood Stalkers


Blood Sisters are mighty warriors used as bodyguards to High Priestesses or Bloodwrack Medusae, or as a powerful forefront for the battle covens. Each Blood Sister is outfitted with a heartshard glaive – a heavy polearm perfect for driving through armour and ribs to cut out an opponent’s heart. Blood Sisters can additionally channel the blackness of their tainted souls into a strike recognised as the ‘scáth touch,’ solidifying victims into an unmoving crystal statue that stays horrifically aware. The final in cruelty is for a Blood Sister to thrust her glaive rapidly enough to tear out a foe’s beating heart even as the scáth touch turns them to crystal, trapping them perpetually in a state of inconceivable agony.
The Blood Stalkers are Morathi’s elite archers, a venomous guard who rain demise from afar. Each bears a heartseeker bow, a weapon carved from the timber of the sentient ashdusk tree. The arrows loosed by such bows are bloodseekers. shafts blessed by the Queen and imbued with the identical enchantments as those that guide Morathi’s personal spear, Heartrender. With uncanny accuracy, these missiles streak throughout the battlefield to pierce their targets through the heart. In close combat, Blood Stalkers wield scianlar, lengthy daggers forged to soak up the energies from enemies’ crucial organs. These are no gore offerings to Khaine, but tributes destined to enhance the Melusai’s real master, Morathi.

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