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Micro Nova Synthetic Series 175 Size 5/0 (angled)

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Da Vinci Micro Nova brushes are designed for exact detail. They are made from fine golden synthetic fibre and provide an excellent level of control and quality.

The short black polished handles are designed for a good grip and will not roll across your work surface. They have red belly bands at the edge of the ferrule so you can locate the correct brush quickly.

    • Ideal for miniature, table-top and micro painting
    • Great for fine detail: highlights, fur, hair and other intricate textures
    • Golden fine, Nova synthetic hair
    • Available in four sizes: 20/0, 15/0, 10/0, 5/0
    • Specially designed handles to provide easy grip and prevent rolling

Measurements: brush head diameter 0.55mm, hair length 5mm, total length of brush 145mm

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