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1 Fungoid Cave-Shaman


The mushroom-gobbling grot maniacs recognised as Cave-Shamans are no longer right in the head. To these greenskinned nutters, to get misplaced in a brain-mangling vision is to become nearer to the aspect of Gorkamorka that epitomises cunning and trickiness over brute strength, which is the aspect that all grots like the best. Whether these hallucinogenic visions of carnage are gifted via Gorkamorka, or actually the side effects of consuming deffcap mushrooms, doesn’t matter to his followers – so long as they lead to a proper scrap. The Fungoid Cave-Shamans were the first to lead the hordes of Destruction into Shyish, the realm of Death, in search of the Waaagh! to cease all Waaaghs!. 

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