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5 Orruk Brutes


With a mighty cry of ‘Waaagh!’, the warclans of the orruks shake the Mortal Realms to their core.
Lumbering, heavy-set creatures with furrowed brows and heavy armour, orruk Brutes are unconcerned with the complicated matters in life. Their minds are filled with one issue only - violence. Bigger and tougher than most warriors of the mortal realms, Brutes fill out the warclans in a apparently limitless tide of green skin, indignant shouting and tiny-minded aggression. After all, as they say – if smashing it ain’t working, get more boys to smash it with! Brutes are seeking out the biggest enemies – or trees, or walls – that they can find, and set about them with determination, frequently being joined by dozens more, all clamouring to bring down any enemy (or object) has the temerity to be larger than them.

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