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1 Weirdnob Shaman


Wildly unpredictable, savage, untamed and violent, Waaagh! magic can't be tamed by anyone with even a shred of sanity. Luckily, the Ironjawz don’t have many shreds of sanity amongst them, and the least-shredded of all are the Weirdnob Shamans. Seemingly never genuinely in control of their own bodies, they twist and twitch and gibber as Waaagh! power courses unstoppably through them, staring at sights solely they see and speaking to nothing. The larger the gathering of Ironjawz around one of these unusual orruks, the greater the fireworks show when it all kicks off – perhaps a blast of Waaagh! power will hammer into the enemy like a specially stinky gust, or perhaps a huge green foot the size of a mountain will kick the whole enemy force in the face. Nobody’s precisely sure, and that’s half the fun! 



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