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5 Sisters of Silence, der kan bygges som enten Vigilators, Prosecutors eller Witchseekers.


The core of the Silent Sisterhood are its Prosecutors, mercilessly effective both in offense and defence. No ordinary troopers are these, each is a valuable resource that can't be squandered, a living weapon whose unnatural presence can scramble the minds and wound the souls of those who channel Chaos energy. The Prosecutors advance in tight bands, Umbra-pattern bolters booming more stridently than any viable vocal challenge.
Cleansing flame is the primary weapon of the Silent Sisterhood’s Witchseeker Squads, for in the adversarial galaxy of the 41st Millennium there exist entities that can shrug storms of bullets – but wither and shrink to nothing underneath the onslaught of holy promethium. The Witchseekers’ prey is consumed in a flesh-melting inferno, burned to a crisp through overlapping torrents of flame conjured from the reservoirs of their thrice-blessed flamers.
The Vigilator Squads of the Silent Sisterhood are ladies of supreme skill. They wield the two-handed blades of their order with consummate talent and dexterity, for they have been educated in an historical sword-form handed down from generation to generation since the first Sisters knelt at the Emperor’s throne. The executioner greatblades the Vigilators wield are heirloom weapons stored razor-sharp by their owners, clad in the greatest disruptive energy fields the Tech-Priests of Mars can devise, slicing through the heaviest armour with ease.

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