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3 modeller, der kan samles som enten Skywardens eller Endrinriggers


Endrinriggers are participants of the Endrineers Guild, and report to a ship’s Captain as well as the fleet’s Endrinmaster. They carry rapid-fire rivet weapons and aethermatic saws for conducting airborne repairs, flying to anyplace they are needed in order to patch up harm to a ship. In need, Endrinriggers can put their high‑powered equipment to lethal use, riddling the foe with red-hot rivets or cutting through armour, flesh and bone with their whirring sawblades.
Skywardens are elite individuals of the Arkanaut crews, a shape of aerial cavalry that can scramble to support the fleets. They use potent, heat-generating vulcaniser pistols to fell foes before lowering their skypikes and charging in to end them off. Each Skywarden is outfitted with skymines for harrying flying foes, and a timed explosive. These charges are the ideal weapon to support the Skywardens’ hit-and-run attacks, for their delayed detonations cause chaos amongst the foe, permitting the duardin to jet away in a blast of aether-exhaust.

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